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Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a Government tax payable when you buy a property and is based on the value of the property. The money paid to the Government is to ensure that your deeds are stamped, without it your deeds can't be registered. The rates of duty applicable for residential property (whether new or second-hand) are as follows:
Rates of duty for deeds executed on or after 8 December 2010

Aggregate Consideration

Rate of Duty

First €1,000,000


Excess over €1,000,000


Example 1:
Consideration = €350,000
Rate Breakdown - €350,000 @ 1%
Total Duty Payable = €3,500

Example 2:
Consideration = €1,850,000
Rate Breakdown - €1,000,000 @ 1%, €850,000 @ 2%
Total Duty Payable = €27,000


Non-residential property, i.e. Land, Sites & Commercial Property
(for instruments executed on or after 7 December 2011)
Aggregate Consideration

Rate of Duty

Flat rate on entire consideration






The Lane,
130,000 BER Rating - G


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